Toys and Books Library

A toy library is a place where parents can go to borrow a large variety of educational toys, puzzles and games on a regular basis, for a low annual fee. There are many different reasons for families to join a toy library including:

  • Save money
  • Access a large variety of toys
  • Avoid storage issues for larger toys
  • Borrow toys suited to your child’s current development and interests
  • Try toys before making purchase decisions for birthdays etc
  • Many toy libraries hire out ‘party packs’

Children learn through play, it’s nature’s way of making it fun! It therefore follows logic that toys are children’s tools of the trade. But how do you decide which toys are right for your child? How do you choose something that will keep them occupied and not be discarded after five minutes of play? And how do you keep up with their rapid rates of development and forever changing interests? Perhaps it is time to consider joining a toy library.

Toy Library caters for children from birth to around age six and we are focused on the ‘Early Years’ of a child’s development. Quality toys are expensive and children quickly become bored with a toy once its play value has been exhausted. By providing new play materials every week or two, parents can save money and significantly contribute towards the development and education of their children.