Pre - School

The Preschool age is where our littlest people really start to grow. Attention spans increase, numbers and letters become recognizable, and problems begin to be solved. Also, emotions are expressed more clearly, relationships with others are formed, and the joy of achievement becomes something to strive for.

We believe that every child is unique. Our program promotes each child's social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development in our Play Group and Preschool in Mira Road East.

Pre School Time : Mon - Fri (9 AM - 2.00 PM).

Day Care

Our daycare program is designed to be a safe, nurturing experience for your little one(s) and highly convenient and reassuring for parents. We mix care with fun and give your child the specific attention they need in babysitting. Unlike crèche, Day Care is highly organised, with the best, competent & trained staff. We develop and nurture kids with knowledge, skills and values.

Time : Mon - Sun (24 Hours)

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Hetal Waghela
+91 90290 14555
A-62, 103/104, Sector 1, Shanti Nagar, (Opp Shanti Shopping Centre) Mira Road (E) 401107
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Nectar's Cove Kids Playgroup & Pre School

Are you searching for a 100% Trusted, Reliable and No. 1 Preschool, Nursery School or Day Care in Mira Road, East? Nectar's Cove Pre Schools and DayCare gives your child the best start to education and offers a friendly, healthy environment. With a focus on educating children at a young age, a nursery school is a learning centre for young children. We strongly believe that "Every child is special and deserves better nourishment," so we are available at your service to take care of this responsibility.

Welcome to Nectar's Cove, one of the happiest, friendliest places in Mira Road, East, for families with children from two years and up. At Nectar's Cove, we strive to make every day a learning day filled with new and beautiful experiences to help young learners find what interests and inspire them.

It is our joy and pleasure to help families find just the proper early education setting for their children, and we’re sure it’s here with us, in a safe and comfortable place where learning is full of fun.

Nectar's Cove prides itself on providing high-quality preschool education, after school activities with daycare amenities and service in a warm, nurturing environment. As a best kids pre-school, we strive to offer the best quality early childhood curriculum possible. The objectives provided at Nectar's Cove covers the whole spectrum of learning. Special attention and care are provided to meet each child at their current level and assist them in learning the skills needed to make the transition to kindergarten a positive experience.

As a responsible Play Group School, we feel honoured at having the opportunity to be a part of any child’s early learning experiences and looks forward to helping each child learn and grow at their natural pace. Our mission is to develop within each child a vibrant mind, a healthy body and a caring heart while building a collaborative, supportive community among the families.

Our Services - Children Day Care In Mira Road!

Preschool age is where our littlest people really start to grow. Attention spans increase, numbers and letters become recognizable, and problems begin to be solved. Also, emotions are expressed more clearly, relationships with others are formed, and the joy of achievement becomes something to strive for.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, let’s see what services we offer as the leading babysitting service provider in Mira Road. At Nectar’s Cove, you can enrol your kids into preschool, daycare or nursery groups, depending on your requirements and your child’s needs. Whether you are a working parent that needs babysitting facilities near Mira Road Railway Station or you need a first-class Preschool for your little ones, Nectar’s Cove is just the place for you.

Age Group (6 months and up): You can leave your beloved children with us at our child daycare in Mira Road. We will take care of your children while you are away.

Kids Play Group & Day Care in Mira Road

And don’t worry about meals and snacks, as we will feed them food properly while they are under our care. Besides, all the little ones who stay with us have plenty of nap time.

Our Baby Day Care in Mira Road is available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday, every week!

Age Group (2 years and up): Playgroup is the place where we mix care with fun for your children. Preschool is an important phase for every child. And at Nectar’s Cove, we have a fantastic Playgroup in Mira Road for children above the age of 2. Our trained staff members and teachers will impart the proper education to your children through fun games and activities throughout the day.

So make sure to bring them to our Kids Play Group in Mira Road East for a wonderful preschool experience.

Discover Nectar’s Cove Academy

Preschool is essential, and Nectar’s Cove Academy can make it count for your children that are about to enter school for the first our teachers follow a detailed curriculum while your kids engage in our Playgroups in Mira Road East. Be it reading skills, stories, poems, music and crafting skills. Your children will have fun doing all these activities at Nectar’s Cove!

Educational Learning Activities

Make your kids ready for school with Nectar’s Cove. The earlier they start learning about numbers, reading, crafts and alphabets, the better they are equipped for their school lives. That’s why experts say that preschooling is a vital phase for every child above two years of age. Visit our Child Day Care in Mira Road and start unlocking your kid’s potential today!

Fun activities

Who says education has to be dull? Through various fun activities at Nectar’s Cove, your child will develop important social skills in every aspect of life. Be it the interaction with other children at our playgroup in Mira Road East or participation in various fun activities. Your kid will manifest all the right social skills necessary for them.


Are you interested to know the facilities available at our Babysitting Centre in Mira Road? Here, you can see for yourself!

  •   • Large Play Area
  •   • Child-friendly Furniture
  •   • Decorated Classrooms
  •   • Meals & Snacks
  •   • Clean Water Supply
  •   • Hygienic Bathrooms

Ready to enrol your kids in our play group in Mira Road? Call us right now!

Parent's Testimonials


Eshita Doshi

I have been sending my babies here since last 1 year and I am really very happy with my experience at Nector's Cove. The staff, teachers and Hetal Mam everybody is really co operative and helping as well as caring. They take of our babies like their own. Someone looking for day care in Mira Road this is the best place I have found. I really appreciate all of them at Nector's Cove.


Fatima Bichu

Nectar's cove is an amazing place. I love this place and so does my children. Both my children have been going to Nectar's Cove for almost 3 months now and we absolutely love it. Amazing n caring staff with so much heart and caring mindset. Childrens are being groomed really well with studies and good habits. My toddlers are becoming day by day independent and that is what I am loving the most.


Huma Ansari

I am sooo Thankful To Nectar Cove...They have the Best Teachers as well as Best Staff To Look After Kids..My Kid Is Sooo Happy While Going To School As well as Daycare...I would Like to recommend each And every parents Nector Cove Only...The Safest Place around for kids...The Way of teaching...even the Daycare For Kids Is Best...Thank You...Hetal Mam...and all Her Staff...For treating kids like their own


Gincy Jijit

Ms. Hetal has put all her efforts in the bringing up my twins👫from their 9months as I am a health workers and in this pandemic period it is very much difficult for us to manage both the kids alone at home with no help... Thank u dear Hetal😇 and thanks to all the subordinates helper she has kept who care for my kids as their own 😊.. Highly recommended..