About Nectar's Cove

Nectar's Cove is the perfect place where your child will play and learn!

While the name is new, the facility, people, and reputation are not. We got our start more than five years ago. Childcare and quality preschool programs have always been the focus, and we’re continuing that tradition of excellence. Our vision is to foster the development of a positive self-image and to instil confidence in all our children through the joy of learning and socializing.
Our programs focus on developing physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills through a well-organized, structured, curriculum designed to stimulate the children’s own creativity, imagination and independence. We strive to enhance their curiosity while encouraging the children to develop a strong sense of pride and achievement.

Vision :
The ultimate vision we have for our facility is twofold, and rooted in both the present and the future.
For the present, our goal is for parents to feel good about their childcare choice, and that the children are safe, engaged, educated, and smiling. And for the future, we want these children to warmly look back at their experience with us, and see it as a cherished part of their childhood.

The pre-school years are particularly important and very exciting for the children. Our key person allocated involves the children in fun learning activities as well as preparing them for Primary school and making them Independent.
These various first experiences shape their futures, so we aim to make it the best possible start in life!

Our Commitment to You :
Our philosophy is simple to offer your children the care, comfort, fun and safety they deserve. And for you, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is in the best of hands. Each day promises an exciting new adventure, and we make sure each child experiences the joys of a truly caring environment.

We also strive to be your partner. We are completely transparent in our programs and curriculum, we continuously self-assess and look to improve, and we make communication with you a paramount part of the childcare environment.