Testimonials - Nectar's Cove

Absolutely LOVE this daycare. When looking at daycares for our child my husband and I really took the time to shop around and look at everything that was available. We settled on Nectar Coves for several reasons. 1. It is extremely clean, probably the cleanest we looked at. 2. It has a very warm and inviting feel to it. Definitely not cold and institutional feeling like some others. 3. It's not just a place you send your children to be babysat for the day. Yes they do an EXCELLENT job of taking care of your children but they also do an EXCELLENT job of developing your child's social, and reading skills as well as other skills that normally would not begin to develop until kindergarten. 4. The entire staff genuinely cares about your child. Every single one knows my kid name. Also I don't think there is a single teacher in the school that doesn't say hi or bye to my child when he is being dropped off or picked up. 5. My kid absolutely LOVE this place. Bottom line is that this is a place that does just as good of a job taking care of and developing my child as my husband and I would do. If you're wondering what makes me qualified to say all of these things about the day care, I have a child that go here, have attended since he was 1 year old.........NIDHI OJHA (Mob:9930590393)

This centre is open only for last 4 months but quite known for all activities they provide. Nice and friendly place for kids. My son goes for day-care and got settled quite easily.....ARCHANA SINHA (Mob:9769106233)

We enrolled our son, Bhumit in Nectar’s Cove day care center when he was just 7 months old. We had visited and interviewed many day care centers before zeroing on this one. As Bhumit was very small we had to make sure that he is with the best environment and people to take complete care of him and we are happy and satisfied to find that with Nectar's Cove......SHEETAL L. N. KHATU (Mob:9820954611)